Yoga Source & Therapy Studio would like to come to your school to teach your students yoga!

Have you ever thought of holding a yoga class for your students on their lunch hour, recess, or as a regular part of their physical education class?

Yoga Source has an existing very successful Youth Program for ages 9 – 15 years which take place in our studio!  However, we can also customize a program that works for you either in our space or in your school!

Adults aren’t the only ones who suffer that afternoon slump! Children who take yoga during the daytime are more productive during the rest of their school day! 


Other benefits for children who practice Yoga include:

– a calming and centering effect to aid in any behavioral problems

– releases anxiety, begins to let go of any early childhood trauma

– releases the stress of the everyday school life

– teaches children how to breath!

Practicing Yoga can create a bright future for our children – take action now!

For more information contact Sarah Hubley at Yoga Source

PH #905-830-9700