Yoga Source & Therapy Studio is just that – a source of a multitude of yoga styles, teachers and therapists. Theresa Gagnon founded Yoga Source in 2005 after a long journey of yoga in the United States. Theresa’s dream of sharing the benefits of yoga to the community came true in an unexpected place – Newmarket, Ontario – where she has created a strong community. The Teachers’ Training staff are as diverse as the teachers on the regular class schedule at Yoga Source. The mix of great teachers from widely different backgrounds, creates a harmonious and unique course which encourages students to pick their own path.


Lead Trainer – Theresa Gagnon, E-RYT 500
Course: Asana Practice

Founder of Yoga Source and a passionate teacher of yoga will guide you from the first Friday of your 250-hour journey to the end of the week-long intensive where the group bonds and learns more about the key principles to living your life and having the career you want. Theresa’s hours of yoga certifications gives away her age and she dedicates her time now to your learning and creating space for yoga classes and jobs in the community.

  • Asana –what is it?
  • Teaching from the heart place.
  • Discover your authentic voice and unique gifts as a teacher.
  • Teach with confidence, clarity, and technical precision.
  • Refine the art of observation, demonstration, and hone skillful verbal and physical adjustments.
  • Learn effective and creative sequencing.
  • Guide powerful introductions, intentions, and Savasana
  • Learn alignment principles that create safety and healing in poses.
  • Look at postures in extensive detail including common misalignments and corrections, and use of props.
  • Energy directions and focal points in the asana
  • Sequencing and arrangements of asanas to produce a successful class
  • Modifications of asanas/Teaching for different able bodies
  • Yoga for corporate groups and kids

Other Course Content

  • Receive individual coaching and mentoring within small practice teaching groups. Once a month (additional investment).
  • Develop conscious communication skills.
  • Release blocks that hold you back and learn life-affirming skills in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Learn the business of yoga including professional practices and ethics.
  • Be an active member of a vibrant learning community that will support you in your endeavor towards full expression.

Laurie Newton – E-RYT 500, The Gita 2.0

For the 2017 session of Teachers’ Training, we introduce students to the vast world of yogic philosophy. The sessions are designed as a general transition through yogic philosophies, exploring topics from ancient texts through to modern scholarship. We will share a complete reading of George Thompson’s translation of the Bhagavad Gita and explore a number of corresponding ideas. The material is designed to be accessible, understandable, and ultimately useful to students at all levels of practice.

  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Dualism
  • The gunas
  • Karma yoga
  • God
  • Mythic thinking vs. factual thinking,
  • Types of karma
  • The purusharthas (how to be happy)
  • The Rig Veda, – cosmology and cosmogyny of the universe
  • The Ananda Tantava (cosmic dance of Shiva)
  • Simplistic timeline of yogic philosophy
  • Where asana and philosophy collide~ Learn practical ways to integrate these teachings into a yoga class.



Teri Macias – RYT 500
Course: The Art of Breath

“All of the practices of yoga, and the breathing practices in particular, begin with an act of listening, of opening oneself up to witness and to receive.”
The depth, ease and comfort of our inhalation reflects our openness and ability to embrace life in the moment… the freedom of our exhalation reflects our ability to let go with ease and to move on…” – Doug Keller

  • Learn to connect with the Breath and discover your natural breath.
  • Practice “yogic” breath – purpose, technique, posture
  • Introduction to Pranayama
  • Refine the Breath, Principles of the Ujjayi breath
  • Pranayama techniques
  • Breath and Meditation & Breath and Asana
  • Pranayama and Mudras – aesthetic gestures that direct the flow of energy the Bandhas – internal energy “locks” – the engagement of which intensifies prana as it moves through the subtle body Explore subtle energy anatomy including chakras, nadis, kundalini, and the five koshas.


Acharya Ram Vakkalanka, E-RYT 500
Course: Introduction to Sanskrit

Acharya Ram is a Yoga philosopher, Kirtan leader, Sanskrit expert and Sitar artist. He specializes in presenting the ancient wisdom in modern context, using relevant examples, current technology and humor so that every one can understand, appreciate and apply it to improve their lives. Visit his website here.

  • Basic spoken Sanskrit
  • Accurate and authentic pronunciation of some energizing Mantras and chants
  • Meaning and authentic pronunciation of popular Yoga poses
  • Intro to Sanskrit alphabet, their experiential basis in the body of the practitioner /learn to write your name in Sanskrit.



Rebecca Wilkinson – Registered Massage Therapist, CDT, RYT 200
Course: Yoga Anatomy in-depth

During the meetings we will cover the following for each section of anatomy:

  • Muscle anatomy review – know the muscles most cued in asana practice.
  • Skeletal anatomy review-know the bones and the common Biomechanics of the joints & spine.
  • Types of Issues that may be seen in Yoga classes
  • Dissecting a few asanas with respect to the joints studied
  • Correcting alignment to Prevent injury or modifications where needed.
  • Spine and pelvic biomechanics
  • Fascia cross chains – some basics

Rebecca Wilkinson is the owner of RW Massage Therapy. She graduated from Massage Therapy School in 2007 with a passion for working with cancer survivors. Rebecca continues to look for ways to improve the quality of life for her clients which led her to complete her Yoga Teachers Training in 2015. She is excited to rejoin the team at Yoga Source for YTT 2017. Her love and enthusiasm for all things anatomy is immediately evident. Just ask her a question and she can talk for hours!


Christine Moran – Registered Homeopath, and Holistic Nutritionist
Course: Nutrition Basics

Christine Moran is a Homeopathic Practitioner and Registered Holistic Nutritionist that strongly believes the mind and body are connected to your overall health and wellness.  With dedication and compassion, Christine provides ongoing assistance to both adults and children in discovering individual needs.  She will support you in personal growth and development, while helping you reach your health and wellness goals using individual homeopathic remedies, whole food nutrition, bio therapeutic drainage (detox) and weight management programs.


Jo-Ann McRogers – Psychotherapist Jo-Ann, founder and owner of The Hear Collective:

Jo-Ann McRogers will provide you with an overview of the Chakra system. This will be a dynamic, interactive, learning experience. Discussion, exploration and guided meditations will help you to approach the chakra system from a place of everyday meaningful landmarks. This will aid in your personal journey to be the best person, yogini, and teacher you strive to be.





Patti Wietzes – RYT 200                                                                                                                                                                                        

Course: Restorative Yoga

Big smile, warm heart, devotee of all things fun! Patti is a registered yoga teacher who delivers precise instruction balanced with compassion and a sense of humour. She believes that the breath is the key to unlocking the connection between the mind, the body and the spirit. Her classes will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and restored. Let go of the past. Enjoy the moment. Listen to your heart.

An introduction to the deeply relaxing & healing practice of restorative yoga. Learn how to support the body using various yoga props to encourage a slow, easy release into the pose. As well, learn how to include simple breathing & meditation techniques to enhance the experience.