Graduates Reflections


Patti Wietzes, RYT 200

Sometimes you find what you’re looking for when you least expect it!
Although I didn’t know it when I enrolled, the Teachers Training Program at Yoga Source was exactly what I was looking for. I did not start out with an intention to teach – quite the opposite, in fact. My desire in the beginning was to deepen my knowledge of yoga and to enhance my personal practice.  What I found was so much more!  I found a community filled with love, inspiration and kindness.  I found a group of like-minded people willing to share and learn right along with me.  I found friendship; I found laughter; I found tears and I found light.  I found my voice, my heart and my inner smile.  My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Theresa and Laurie, and all of the other amazing teachers who enhanced my journey.  Without your guidance, love and support I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today.
Peace, peace, peace.


Maggi Duhamel, RYT 200

They say when a student is ready, the teacher appears.  

How do I begin to explain my experience in Yoga Source’s Teacher Training program? To call it anything other than dynamic, life-changing and eye-opening would be an understatement. This program is so much more than learning how to teach an effective yoga class; it is 200 hours of complete awareness, connection and education. From learning about the body’s physical form to sharing a unique and heart opening experience with a group of amazing souls, this program was inspiring from start to finish. I am so grateful to have found myself in this particular training, with these particular teachers. I walked away from Yoga Source’s training program with the tools needed to provide a safe, accessible and fun yoga class; more than that though, I came away from the program an improved and more mindful human being. This experience and these teachings will forever be close to my heart. Much love and gratitude to Theresa, Laurie and their wonderful team of educators!


Teri Macias, RYT 200

The teacher training at Yoga Source was, for me, an immersion into myself.  With no desire whatsoever to be a “teacher” of yoga, the motivation was simple… an opportunity to delve deeply into this sacred practice of asana that reminds me every time I come to my mat that I must root in order to rise; that it is essential to find comfort within the discomfort, and most importantly that there is always more to learn. 

Theresa and Laurie offer themselves with open hearts, non-judgment, authenticity and humility.  Along with the principles of alignment and appetizing doses of yoga philosophy, I learned from them to laugh at myself, get out of my own way and that I am “good enough” in everything that counts.  And that, my friends, was worth the price of admission!
Oh, and I should mention…  I also found my inner teacher; look for me on the YS schedule!


Lina Genetti, RYT 200

Love, Love, Love! Love the knowledge that I gained in the many aspects of Yoga, Love the people that were brought into my life, and Love that I took this journey for myself after debating whether I was capable.

Theresa, you have taught me to never give up, but rather to always stand up and continue marching forward.  Laurie, you are my constant reality check, reminding me to stay true to myself and to feel fabulous while doing so!  Thank you both for your teachings (in so many ways), I will always be grateful for the abundance of knowledge that you shared and for the opportunities you have made me realize within myself.

My fellow graduates, woot, woot!   Thank you for your sharing, your acceptance, support and most of all, your love.  Our family was so special to me and I am so grateful for the new soul brothers and sisters that I have gained!  Please know that I continue to carry all of this inspiration with me in my heart and in my soul.
As for myself, I am nothing but happy that I took this journey.  I learned that I AM capable, not only of completing this 200 hour course but of pretty much anything I set my intentions on.  And now, I genuinely love teaching Yoga to others as this is a love that’s too good to keep to yourself!

Namaste, xo

Corinne Penstone, RYT 200

There is a simple beauty in this world, and the more I connect with the inner stillness and the peaceful center of my being, the more I feel lighter, and stronger, making every day life more adventurous and magical. Theresa’s Yoga Teacher Training changed my life. Trusting in her ability to guide me along a journey of transformation and self exploration, while enhancing my practice by learning universal principals of alignment, was the best decision I have ever made, and I am so thankful that we have such a strong light in our community.


Lindsay Reid, RYT 200 – Studio Owner, Collingwood

If I could for one second breathe in a little more freedom, I would share the world with you. Through my eyes the sky is clear and light shines upon everything. Nothing is more then it seems and yet it is everything at once. The tree of life awaits you, yoga is the key and it’s here when you are ready. Be the great tree who stands tall in the midst of pain and sorrow, desire and righteousness. For it is here in the middle of all emotion your true self will be discovered.
– Dedicated to Theresa and Laurie. Thank you for sharing your passion and always inspiring others.


Catherine Clark, RYT 200 – Studio Owner, Beaton, ON

Yoga for me has profoundly changed me and how I feel about myself, Theresa was one of my first Yoga Teachers, and I always found myself , my full potential when I practiced with her. She took me to my edge and inspired me always on the Mat and off as well. The grounding is what I needed and I found that in Yoga that constant place that I can always go and be just me, and happy and content to be here right now, this minute, this second. Feeling my breath, my muscles, my spirit all in sync. The Teachers training was not a planned thing, I fell into that too, the right place at the right time. A spiritual journey with some awesome people, and a lot of laughs and tears too, but a sweet connection to seeing the differences yet the like mindedness we all shared too. It was a journey I would take again, in heartbeat, no regrets. I am truly blessed to have experienced this teacher training at Yoga Source and it changed who I am and I am better for it. I now get to share what I learned with my students. I look forward to more workshops and training and of course most of all more Yoga. One Love One Heart.(funny how that came about too but that is another story) Peace Love Respect.


Ruth Bonner, RYT 200

Enjoy the Journey – Don’t Anticipate Its End
Since returning to yoga a few years ago and then qualifying and starting to teach, I’ve found that my practice informs and inspires every part of my life. This didn’t happen suddenly nor as the result of a conscious effort, I’ve just gradually come to realize that it’s there and that I’m much more content and grounded because of it. It also confirms once again what I’ve observed many times in my life so far: it’s the journey not the destination that’s important.

And that’s a message I like to pass on to students, particularly when they experience frustration at not being able to move as fully as they’d like into a particular asana. So often I hear, “I can’t do it. My body just doesn’t bend like that,” or “I’ll never be strong and flexible enough.” But my answer is that you can and you are because what’s important is the continual movement towards, not the achievement of, a particular asana. The journey, not the destination, just as with life itself.


Tabitha Levine

It is truly incredible to me that there is such a place as Yoga Source offering YTT. This nine month journey has led me to an expression of myself I did not know was there. Theresa and Laurie are one of kind teachers bringing light, encouragement and love to all that they teach.  I am forever thankful for their guidance and confidence in me. I look forward to extending my practice by taking further courses with them and the many gifted teachers here.  When you come to a class the evidence is in each one of them. Take in the beauty, stay for the knowledge.
May 26, 2009

Tina Addorisio, RYT 200 – Studio Owner, Stouffville

Trust in the process of life.

This was my affirmation going into the Yoga Source training because I had only taken one of Theresa’s classes prior to and the universe brought me exactly what I needed. Thank you for the knowledge, hard work, and dedication. This program was exactly what I needed. If you are looking for inspiration, direction, self awareness, knowledge and love…this is the program to be in. I learned how to go with the flow of life and just trust that this program would bring me what I needed. Thank you Yoga Source.
October, 2010


Katherine Keir

For over 8 years i have been practicing yoga. During this time I have been exposed to various forms of yoga and diverse teaching styles. The Teacher’s Training Program at Yoga Source has pulled all the pieces together for me. With a strong focus on proper alignemnt and fundamentals. Encouraging me to develop my own teaching style. What stuck with me was when Theresa said “don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen!”

I now teach in my home studio, volunteer as a yoga teacher and sub classes for other instructors.
Thanks you Theresa and all my fellow Teachers in Training!
August, 2010


Michelle Beilhartz, RYT 200

My Journey in the teachers training program began with the hope of enhancing my personal knowledge and understanding of yoga, a healthy workout I loved so much, and to deepen my own practice. What I was blessed with was an unexpected clarity, an inner stillness, a greater understanding of who I was without all the “stuff” and a more profound relationship with myself, my practice, and the people around me. The teachers training program guided me to trust that the universe will always provide and offered the reassurance to know that I am enough as I am, where I am, who I am today and everyday. If you are searching for self- awareness, strength, laughter and community; open your heart to the ‘Source’ and just be. My journey has now come full circle teaching twice a week at the very fitness center where I met Mama T and her light. Thank you Yoga Source for your constant love and inspiration. From My heart to yours ~Namaste
August, 2010

Katy Bennett, RYT 200

Yoga is community.

When I discovered Yoga Source Teacher Training Program 300 hours, I was completely thrilled, the timing was perfect. I had been on a mission to find my second yoga teacher training program in my community and was ready to refresh. I visited Yoga Source a few times in the previous years, familiar with the space and was ready to embrace it as a home away from home for 8 months of the program. The knowledge of all aspects of yoga was incredible, asana, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy and sharing of life stories and experiences rounded the program and our group. Growing stronger in body and mind, soaking up all parts of what yoga is made me so happy! We grew on the inside, finding our offering and becoming authentic instructors. I am ready to share the positive benefits of yoga with my community. Much gratitude to the instructors and all involved in putting together the YTT. The friendships developed are gold, I love my yoga girls from YTT 2014! Keep smiling.

August 2014


Caitlin Shipley, RYT 200

“Live with your heart wide open”

Teacher training at Yoga Source embraces all the fundamental elements of yoga, including philosophy, pranayama, anatomy, asana and meditation. All the elements of balancing the mind, body and spirit are emphasized and explored in detail. This is a comprehensive program taught by skilled, knowledgeable and talented teachers.

Theresa shares her passion for all that is yoga with the students in the Teacher Training group. You will be pushed to do things that are outside of your comfort zone, whether it is getting upside down or teaching a studio class on a moment’s notice.

You will also be wrapped up in joy and love. You will be invited to follow your passion, to open yourself to the opportunities that exist within you to shine your brightest and to live with your heart wide open.

August 2014