Yoga Source is excited to offer the next leading Yoga Teacher’s Training Program!

Yoga Source offers 3 Yoga Teacher Training programs: 

1)  Our 200 hour Yoga Program is THE Yoga Training Program is for those participants looking to TEACH YOGA to a diverse population of curious people wanting to practice yoga. This is a certified Yoga Alliance Program.  

The 200 hour program is offered as a 6 month Comprehensive program.

2)  Our 100 hour Yoga Program is The Foundations of Yoga Program is for those people who are looking to broaden their own practice, but are not sure if they want to teach as yet 80% of our 100 hour program participants decide to continue and complete the 200 hour full program!  This 100 hour program begins the first weekend of the 200 hour program for four weekends (2 in January and 2 in February). Wanting to explore the possibilities? Click here for more details.

3) Our 20 hour Yoga Program is An Eye Opening Weekend with Yoga Source, which is held the first weekend of the 200 hour program.  It is an intensive course for those looking to get a snap shot of what the teacher training program is all about.  Wanting to explore the possibilities? Click here for more details.

Take the Journey

Yoga Source & Therapy Studio’s Teacher Training program is designed for yogis who want to go to that next level, to further their yoga practice.  You will learn more about yourself and will awaken your heart to live ever-more mindfully.  Immersion in the life-affirming teachings of this program will lead you to an awakening and transformation. 

Questions? Schedule a meeting with Lead Instructor and Owner of Yoga Source – Theresa Gagnon

If you have questions about the teacher training program, contact Yoga Source & Therapy Studio #905-830-9700, or to schedule an appointment with studio-owner and program-leader, Theresa Gagnon. 

Yoga Source & Therapy Studio’s Teacher Training Program

Learn to teach yoga in a supportive, community environment. In addition to mastering the basics – the poses (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), philosophy and anatomy – you’ll begin to know how you can use your individual skills and experience to impart them to your class participants. You will also undertake a profound journey of self-discovery. The essence of yoga is an all-encompassing compassion and the course will challenge you to open your heart and expand your mental horizons far beyond their current borders. A commitment to this program is a life-changing experience!

Whether your aim is to become an accredited yoga teacher or simply to deepen your own practice, completing this program of study will result in increased strength, balance and flexibility of body, mind and soul.