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Tired of stressful schedules?
Wanting to get off the couch, but stuck?
Move from the blob on the couch to the feel great flexible you in any space that you can fit a YOGA mat. YOGA SOURCE LIVESTREAMING© offers Anytime-Anywhere Yoga practice’s for ALL levels of flexibilities at the click of a button. 
Easy and simple breathe practices, therapeutic and educational yoga moves that increase your creativity, and stamina for all aspects of your LIFE. LIVE and REAL non-scripted yoga practices with instructor’s hand picked to help you feel you CAN move from a beginner to a more educated yogi in only a few classes. 

Join us live or when you’ve carved your time to do so. 

Yoga Source LiveStreaming© does not take time; it gives time. 

With your device you have the freedom to practice yoga at work, at home, or at the park with friends in a group…it’s all up to you… when and where is your choice! NO rushing to make a class in a scheduled location, you are the schedule and the location. 

LIVE yoga gives you access to a more viable and sustainable healthier you in times of changing schedules without the stress of missing a class and/or wasted memberships.
"Yoga Source offers a sanctuary to enter into, not matter what is going on. The uncomfortable times are preparation for a future, which will be better."  - Paul Atkinson
Hi I’m Theresa Gagnon owner and producer of Yoga Source LiveStreaming©. 
E-RYT 500, Owner & Operator of Leading Yoga Teacher Training School, Producer of Yoga Source LiveStreaming©
Deciding to go live with my Yoga Studio and Yoga practice was a dream, offering Yoga to ALL and making yoga available to the majority of people who do not have the same schedule as a yoga studio and or community classes in a gym setting. 

I have been a personal trainer and massage therapist for decades, and have learned the greatest challenge for clients is schedule. Everyone has the potential to feel and be healthy; it’s a matter of when and the program that makes him or her feel complete. 
With research and first hand experience, the majority of people need to exhale and clear the mind and than set the attitude that aligns with the actions of health. 

Yoga is all that. 

Yoga Source’s LiveStreaming© classes cover; de-stressing, mind-clarity and the educational physicality’s of safe and effective movement, equaling a whole mind body experience. 

Today most people are mentally anguished, stressed and unhealthy, I wish to assist in changing this and encouraging people to take one breath and movement at a time. 

"Join my colleagues, and I and be inspired to be the happy and healthy. Your dream.…make it a reality.”
Meet Our Yoga Instructors
Julie Thayer
E-RYT 200, RYT 500, Creator/Owner of Karma SUPtra, Paddle into Fitness Affiliate & Ambassador, Certified SUP Yoga Instructor, WPA Certified Level 1 SUP Instructor, B.A. Kin
Julie has been a fitness enthusiast all of her life. An athlete in her early years, her motto was “harder, stronger, faster!” and thus, her relationship with yoga was, shall we say, tenuous at best. 

A nagging curiosity, compelled her repeatedly back to her mat, until she eventually began to embrace the idea that less is absolutely more. And then, she fell hard and fast for this yoga thing. 

Joyfully understanding that connection to breath, mindful movement and kind alignment support the integration of the whole, and inspires vitality in all of the magnificent layers of one’s being; physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and soulfully.

Julie is a firm believer in becoming the Champion of your own self-care and she will inspire you to discover your own capacity to cultivate an optimal state of being…on and off your yoga mat.

Let’s breathe together, be mindful, move kindly, create space, practice playfully, explore compassionately. 

Namaste. – Julie
Crystal McDermott
RYT 200
Crystal brings to her classes an open mind, a good sense of humor, compassion and an eagerness to continuously evolve to serve the student better. 

Approaching her teaching from an empowering and therapeutic point of view, she is committed to authentically and safely guiding the student into a place of transformation creating space and freedom. 

Using yoga as a tool to heal her own trauma, Crystal strives to help those that may have lost themselves, she is living breathing proof that bringing the body into healing works. She invites you to breathe with your tribe, come home to presence and awaken to the warrior you are.
Julia Hussey
RYT 200
When Julia Hussey was eleven years old, growing up in Fredericton New Brunswick, a friend of the family suggested she come try a yoga class in their new studio above the natural food store they ran. Julia, ever the joiner, said yes and brought along some friends. She’s been hooked on yoga ever since, practicing every style she could get her hands on.

When she first came to the Newmarket area in 2015, she began looking for her new yoga home. As she walked down the stairs at Yoga Source for the first time, she knew she’d found it. She completed her first yoga teacher training under Theresa’s inimitable guidance and is thrilled to be teaching in such a supportive community.

Through the years, she’s practiced various styles of yoga, including Iyengar, Sivananda, Kundalini, and Vinyasa, all of which inform her teaching. Julia trained as an actor at the York University Acting Conservatory and incorporates aspects of her theatrical training into her teaching as well.
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"Yoga has been a godsend to me. I found a freedom in yoga and a sanctuary in Yoga Source. God Bless Yoga Source! " - Josie DeMartino 
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yoga is a unique experience, subjective to the situation of the individual and therefore cannot be quantified by any monetary reimbursement. Your experience is just that – yours! We suggest if you are not sure and need to test the waters, purchase the 24-hour pass before committing to a larger plan, otherwise we abide by the “Buyer’s Right to Cancel” pertaining to our monthly and yearly subscriptions only – refer to our Terms of Use for more details. We do not offer a refund on our 24-hour pass.
What if I don’t have yoga props, what can I use?
If you do not want to purchase authentic yoga props from a sports supply store, or a big box grocery store, there are many household items that can be used as yoga props if you wish. 
What do I do if I am pregnant, injured or have limitations?
Before you start any fitness activity including yoga please visit your doctor, physiotherapist, or other doctor to obtain guidance and permission to participate. Once you have permission to participate remember that a yoga instructor is your guide you are in control and only you know how you and your body feel. Therefore, make responsible decisions, and take each practice at your own pace.
How do I decide which plan to purchase?
We encourage everyone – beginner or not – to first purchase our 24-hour pass as a trial to see what you think. Try as many classes in that time period as you can. Be conscious of taking the instruction at your own pace, this is your practice! If you are new to yoga – try the begin classes, if you are not a newbie – try them all! After that time we encourage you to purchase a plan as they are an amazing deal and will give you access to all our live yoga classes as well as our archive selection.
Does my computer need to have a certain internet speed to use this?
You must have high speed internet in order to view our live streaming platform, however internet speed is relative based off the amount of devices being used, and how much speed is needed for each application.
What is the purpose of a yoga practice?
The purpose of yoga in the classical sense is to quiet the fluctuations of the mind in order to be able to access the Divine spirit and reach enlightenment. However, the idea of enlightenment in that classical sense can be seen as a very lofty and somewhat esoteric goal. I really believe the purpose of yoga in our everyday, worldly lives is to help us develop deeper self-awareness so that we can become more loving of ourselves and by extension of others. And as this love grows exponentially it affects positive change within our communities and beyond.
What is the purpose of savasana?
We come to savasana to quiet the body and the mind. Translated as “corpse pose” it is a meditation on impermanence, the inevitability of death, our own death and the releasing of all that burdens us in this lifetime. For a brief time we can allow ourselves to surrender our bodies and minds to a place of peace.
What is the purpose of meditation?
The purpose of meditation is to bring the mind to a single pointed focus of attention thereby quieting all general “noise” that fills the mind most of the time. At its highest level the practice of meditation allows one to live in the world in a constant state of inner freedom and contentment.
What is your LiveStreaming© schedule? 
Check out our live Yoga Schedule below.  All classes are recorded and added to the  LiveStreaming© video archive so you can always catch up on classes on your own time.
Do I need expensive yoga equipment to participate?
Watch the video below where Theresa will show you how to do Yoga using items you have at home.
"As a professional personal trainer and fitness studio owner, I have found my own personal reprieve at Yoga Source. The breath practice within classes has allowed me to address deeper issues. Theresa always says “lets address the issue in your tissue”. This practice allows me the clarity to move forward in my everyday tasks – living life! " 
- Amanda Robar
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