Youth & Kids Yoga Classes at Yoga Source

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Taught by Sara Mercer: RYT 200, Rainbow Kids Yoga Qualified Instructor

“As a Child and Youth Yoga Instructor, I have seen how yoga can help students learn to self-regulate, build self-confidence, and discover respect for themselves, others, and the world around them. Yoga is a tool for students to find balance and peace when they are presented with challenges in their lives – both physically and mentally. Through mindful movement, students become more body aware, and are more apt to set goals for their development and practice. Through breath work, students learn that their breath is a mechanism to calm and invigorate their bodies, and there are different techniques to use on and off their mats to do so. Through looking within, students are able to not only become more aware of their bodies and breath, but their thoughts and minds as well, learning how to sift through everything and focus on the present moment. If we are able to give our students these tools, through yoga as our medium, we will help them to grow into confident, focused, happy individuals!”

Youth Yoga Classes

9 to 15 year olds

Mondays 5:45pm – 6:45pm 

NEW Fall session dates: September 10th – December 17th

(Excludes Thanksgiving – October 8th)

14 weeks for only $168+HST!

Pre-Registration required.  Call to try a class #905-830-9700 or come in to visit us!

Parents must walk child into our space in order to complete an insurance waiver. Waiver must be completed before first class is attended.


Kids Yoga Classes 

4 – 8 Year Olds

These classes are an amazing way for children to relax, honour their bodies & cultivate respect for themselves, each other & our world. The certified instructor offers a playful, light approach to yoga for children, blending traditional yoga practices with creative movement, partner work, games, story, music & art. Here we discover new ways to be joyful and peaceful together!

Mondays 4:45-5:30pm

NEW Fall Session dates: September 10th – December 17th

(Excludes Thanksgiving – October 8th)

14 weeks for only $168+HST!

Pre-Registration required,  Call to try a class #905-830-9700 or come in to visit us.


Do You Know the Benefits of Kids & Youth Practicing Yoga?

Physical Benefits

Strength – builds strength of muscles and bones

Flexibility – lengthens muscles to increase mobility in the joints

Improved Posture – develops understanding of body mechanics, healthy movement patterns, and ideal postural alignment

Ability to Relax – develops the skill of non-action and the awareness to physically relax

Breath Awareness – draws attention to the breath as a reflection of state of mind and as a tool to elicit relaxation and focus

Stability and Balance – provides physical experiences that ask the body to continually re-establish balance, which develops coordination and prevents injury

Equalizes Energy – revitalizes low energy and tempers hyperactivity

Mental Benefits

Stress Management – allows teens to experience a sense of space around their concerns and provides techniques for redirecting thoughts and calming the nervous system

Decision Making – teaches teens to make choices that respect themselves and others

Concentration – develops one’s ability to focus through practical disciplines of breath and bodywork

Healthy Body Image – provides a strengthened internal perspective; helps self-image development free of media and other cultural influences

Acceptance – cultivates gratitude for what the body can do; enables letting goof the tendency to be critical of one’s self and judgements of others

Curiosity – provides a healthy way to experiment, take risks, and explore the body

Spiritual Benefits

Compassion – opens us to our greater qualities of kindness, compassion and non-violence

Connection – cultivates interconnectedness between ourselves, others, and the natural world around us

Presence – heightens awareness and cultivates emotional connection while combating both numbness and drama

Intuition – encourages self-trust by valuing one’s internal voice


Yoga Source & Therapy Studio would like to teach yoga in your school!

Have you ever thought of holding a yoga class for your students on their lunch hour, recess, or as a regular part of their physical education class?

Yoga Source has an existing very successful Youth Program for ages 9 – 15 years which take place in our studio!  However, we can also customize a program that works for you either in our space or in your school!

Adults aren’t the only ones who suffer that afternoon slump! Children who take yoga during the daytime are more productive during the rest of their school day! 

Practicing Yoga can create a bright future for our children – take action now!

For more information contact Sarah Hubley at Yoga Source

PH #905-830-9700