<strong>FREE Meditation</strong>

FREE Meditation

All Welcome

FREE Meditation Class with Theresa - learn how to meditate in many different ways.

Wednesdays 12:00 - 12:25pm.

<strong>Begin Practice</strong>

Begin Practice

Begin your yoga practice

This practice may include Yin Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, and Yoga Back Care. This class will set the foundation to strengthen the core and give general knowledge of the various yoga positions combined with breath-work and meditation fundamentals.

<strong>Yoga Practice</strong>

Yoga Practice

Maintain or broaden your practice

This class allows the student to continue learning the different styles of yoga and promote the deepening of regular yoga practice. The instructor will demonstrate how to adapt the poses to your individual anatomy and ability using yoga props

<strong>Align Yoga Practice</strong>

Align Yoga Practice

All Levels Welcome

This class is suitable for all yogis. This class will allow the student to explore various yoga poses in their technical terms. Practice in this class by honing in and breaking down the techniques of the poses in order to explore your optimal Alignment, Attitude, and Action.

<strong>Restorative Practice</strong>

Restorative Practice

All Levels Welcome

This practice is designed to restore using very simple movements while supported by yoga props to help realign the body and calm the mind. Let go and use deep breaths.

<strong>Yoga Practice w/Karma SUPtra</strong>

Yoga Practice w/Karma SUPtra

All Levels Welcome

A Hatha-based flow class, helps you find your sea legs and introduces you to the power of karma SUPtra-Yoga, the yoga board assimilates the wobble of the waters as if you are on a stand up paddle board. Have a blast exploring foundation postures; discover breath, muscular engagement, mindful movement and kind alignment. Expect to sweat, have a speed wobble or two and smile… A LOT!

ONLY 13 SUP boards available! Call to reserve your board #905-830-9700

<strong>Kids Yoga - Pre-registration is required</strong>

Kids Yoga - Pre-registration is required

Ages 4 to 8

These classes are an amazing way for children to relax, honour their bodies and cultivate respect for themselves, each other and our world. Sara Mercer, certified instructor, offers a playful, light approach to yoga for children, blending traditional yoga practices with creative movement, partner work, games, stories, music and art. Discover new ways to be joyful and peaceful together!

Pre-registration is required. Wednesdays 5-5:45pm. Winter session dates = January 17th - March 7th. Register Now! Call us, #905-830-9700 to try a class.

<strong>Youth Yoga - Pre-registration is required</strong>

Youth Yoga - Pre-registration is required

Ages 9-15

In these classes youth build strength and flexibility. Yoga can aid in equalizing energy, managing stress, improving concentration, and fostering a healthy body image. Yoga can also promote compassion and intuition. No experience necessary.

Pre-registration is required. Mondays 4:45-5:45pm. Winter session dates = January 15th - March 5th (excluding Family Day). Register Now! Call us, #905-830-9700 to try a class.

<strong>Swing Yoga</strong>

Swing Yoga

Your challenge if willing

This class is practiced while suspended in an aerial yoga swing. Practice yoga poses such as inversions and back bends with less strain. This class can be physically demanding. Be ready for deep stretches, unique core exercises and of course LIFT OFF! Class is held once a month, limited to 12 spots and pre-registration is required.

Pre-registration is required, $25 per class or register for both for $20 each. Call #905-830-9700. Upcoming Class Dates: November 4th 1-2pm & December 2nd 1-2pm